The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Mebomian gland – role of nerves and blood vessels

It struck me that we need to understand the functioning of the MG in order to determine solutions to dry eye. It is possible that a disruption/ entrapment in the nerves/ blood vessels might have some impact on the MG?

Here are my findings 

a) MG is distinct from ordinary sebacious glands in that MG has significant enervation. This article explains in detail:

Peptidergic Innervation of the Primate Meibomian Gland by Christine W. Chung, Margarete Tigges, and Richard A. Stone (PDF)

(However, the authors of this paper do not know how the nerves work and what they do).

The meibomian glands of rhesus and cynomolgous monkeys are richly innervated by diverse nerve fiber types. The immunohistochemical staining suggests a largely parasympathetic origin for this innervation, with relatively smaller contributions from sympathetic and sensory sources. These findings also suggest that meibomian gland secretion is under the control of diverse neurotransmitter-neuromodulator mechanisms.

b) It appears to me (I may be wrong) that the nerves to the mebomian glands arise from the 5th cranial nerve which covers key aspects of the face..This nerve has little or no effect from neck motion, although some stretching of the neck might help (I think!)



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