The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Can drinking fruit juice help cure dry eyes?

Some research notes:

Juice might help

Raw fruits and vegetables are crucial for overall health—including our eyes. You can pack in a ton of extra veggies and fruits by drinking fresh juices and smoothies. For instance, toss a handful or two of baby spinach leaves into your banana (or other fruit) smoothie and the fruit’s sweetness actually dominates the flavor, so it’s a nice way to sneak in those greens you may not otherwise eat.

Some people have noticed improvements to their eye health and vision from juice fasting as well. [Source]

Carrot juice may help

If you do not receive enough vitamin A, it may cause symptoms including: night blindness, poor growth,dry skin, and xerophthalmia or dry eye. [Source]

vitamin A also allows epithelial cells to secrete mucus, to prevent dry eye. [Source]\


Mix 1 cup of spinach juice and 1 cup of carrot juice and drink everyday [Source]

Looks like parsley is MOST HELPFUL

one day my friend (whom I just recently converted into "Juiciism" 😉 and who was so excited he was juicing everything he could find in the house) called me and said "Hey, have you ever tried parsley juice? Gives you such energy!" So, I just had to try it. Well, maybe it's not the best taste in the world but it's quite acceptable. Also, if you mix a bit of lemon or orange in there it becomes even somewhat nice. But the point is, the same day I noticed my eyes didn't hurt as bad, and the next day the pain was gone. Long story short, I juice parsley daily and I spend more than 5 hours a day staring at the screen. My eyes are fine and I don't use any eye drops. Turns out, parsley is loaded with 2 elements that are vital for eyes: lutein and zeaxanthin. [Source]

Eye trouble can be helped with a good juice fast that includes parsley. The small blood vessel maintain good eye health and in some cases eye troubles can be helped by a good juice fast that includes parsley. Parsley helps the eyes get stronger by getting better blood circulation to them. [Source]

Aloe vera

I drank tons of aloe vera "juice" from Chinese shop but did not have lasting effects. Have stopped it.

Apple Cider vinegar?

or some such thing – need to try this.


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