The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Four-pronged attack on dry eyes seems to be working

The doctors I've been to have not run any diagnostic tests to determine the cause. Two gave anti-inflammatories (Flarex/ Acular), one gave anti-histamine (Patanol). The last one (from the Eye and Ear hospital) also said I might have blephritis and asked me to do things I've already been doing.

Anyway, I've decided to not stop the anti-inflammatory even while I'm trying out the antihistamine.

My current strategy is:

a) Attack inflammation through Acular (one drop a day)

b) Attack allergy through Patanol (two drops a day)

c) Attack bacteria through LidCare and hot compress (I've feduced the honey treatment to once a week) 

d) Ensure there is sufficient stock of nutrients in the body to produce good tears (basically flax seed oii, primrose oil, fish oil, and a few vitamin tablets). I'm also taking a lot of juices (primarily apple and carrot – vitamin A).

As a result it appears that SOMETHING is helping, and I'm feeling much better now than I was a few days ago. 

Given that this problem has its ups and downs, I'm no longer optimistic that this is the FINAL cure. But given absence of any diagnostic analysis by any specialist, I'm forced to use the ENTIRE fireworks. 

The plan is that once this set of remedies proves its worth by ACTUALLY keeping me symptom free for at least one full week, then I will add on Opticrom which the pharmacist has given me to prevent my annual hayfever attack. This should keep further allergy at bay. [See this]


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