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Use of tamarind in treatment of dry eyes

eye drops made from tamarind seeds may be a treatment for dry eye syndrome. Tamarind seed polysaccharide is adhesive, enabling it to stick to the surface of the eye longer than other eye preparations. [Source]

Use of tamarind in eye drops

Rohto, whose RDER drop comes in re-sealable daily-dose vials, combines hyaluronic acid and tamarind seed polysaccharide to improve the stability of the tear film, presented evidence of its efficacy with the results of four clinical trials and laboratory tests.

In the first, 20 dry eye patients took either RDER or an alternative tear substitute product for 28 days, with those volunteers treated with Rohto showing significantly more recovery from damage caused by dry eye.

Dry eye specialist and ophthalmologist Stefano Barbarino explained that there were some 200 artificial tear products in Italy and reported on one study that compared RDER with Optive eye solution. This took place over three months, with 48 male and female dry eye sufferers aged 24-82. One group used RDER four times a day over 12 weeks, the other group doing the same with Optive. Of the RDER users, 78 per cent had an improved ocular surface disease index, compared to 44 per cent of the Optive users, while 95.7 per cent of RDER users stated their symptoms had improved or disappeared altogether compared with 80 per cent of the Optive patients.

Another trial compared RDER to hyaluronic acid (HA) based eye drops, with 22 people taking part in a 60-day double blind trial with half given each drop. RDER was found to improve the condition of the eye surface by 56.5 per cent compared to 8.7 per cent of those using HA drops alone.

In a UK study reported in Optician this week (pages 24-29), 38 dry eye patients in nine practices used RDER drops for up to four weeks, with symptoms of dryness, grittiness, itchiness and redness improving significantly. Average symptom frequency fell as much as five times. [Source]


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