The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Key findings of third eye specialist (excluding the eye ear hospital doctor)

On 8 Nov visited my third eye specialist. Generally a competent person, but not clear how nerve compression can cause symptoms.


He also noted that mebomian glands are slightly blocked but otherwise fine. 

The tear breakup was fine in the left eye but slightly quick in the right eye (but not conclusive).

The cornea was perfectly fine. No sign of inflammation. The rest of the eye was OK. Pressure in both eyes was 15.

So far four out of five doctors (including eye ear hospital and the last GP who seemed to be knowledgeable) who had made a detailed examination said I have or may have allergy, one (on 8 Nov) has ruled it out.

Four out of five doctors said I have inflammation but  one says I don't have any inflammation.

One out of five doctors said I might have blepharitis. Two have specifically ruled it out.


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