The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Testing the nerve compression as cause of “dry” eye/ eye pain

On Sunday 6 November 2011, I read in Dr Steven Maskin's book about a pinched nerve as the cause of eye pain

Since then I've done the following:

a) 6, 7, 8 and 9 November: spent ONE HOUR (appx) on massaging the neck. 

b) Studied the neck posture at work (in front of computer) and figured out what is going on (just touch the back of the neck while it slouches forward and you'll see what I mean).

c) Stopped all medicines from the afternoon of 7 November (this is my second day without medicines). No steroids, no antihistamines, no patanol, etc. I'm still using eye drops (lubricants) just as a precaution. The plan is to test what happens to my symptoms without medicines but with massage of the neck area.. From 9 November I'm undertaking certain specialised way of massaging the mebomian glands, as well, taught to me by Laurie Sullivan.

Report of 8 November

The symptoms of nauseating glazed pain reduced dramatically on 6 November (particularly in the right eye). The symptoms have reduced overall, as well. Particularly in the morning, the right eye is almost without any adverse sensation.

Report of 9 November

Remained broadly low today. A little bit of irritation in the late afternoon. I think I'm still slouching forward with the neck. I noticed it while driving the car today. Conscious effort to keep the neck in the perpendicular plane and hence relaxed. 

Something seems to be working for even after 2 days without medicine, I'm not having any major relapse.


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