The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)


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One thought on “Kewra (Pandanus) flower extract for dry eyes?
  1. cjuan

    If you would do the tree meditation asana + the apan-vayu mudra, the prana that is causing the trouble (rising to the head and stagnating there due to mental activities like overuse of PC) will start to descend giving great relief. You may find yourself burping and yawning as the prana descends. This should be done whenever you feel “top-heavy” and when you are about to retire for the night. So doing both a few times a day helps.

    While doing the tree asana, you can, instead of raising the hands above the head, do the mudra at the same time. It helps if you lean against a cupboard, sofa, etc – slightly – to keep the body in balanced posture.

    The above will help diabetics generally as a prana-congested upper torso is often a symptom and this can cause or aggravate heart problems.


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