The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Steam inhalation (steaming) for dry eyes

If warm compress helps a bi (because of its effect on mebomian glands) and if vicks vaporub helps ezcema (an allergic issue), how about combining the two through a steam inhalation of vicks vaporub?

I tried this idea today (a towel over a hot water bowl containing a tiny bit of vicks), with rapidly blinking eyes, to allow steam to enter the eyes (but not to boil them). Seemed to feel a little better at the end of the experiment. Might do more of it in due course.

Some research from the internet on this issue

Facial sauna

See this for a dry eyes patient who uses such a thing:

Massage table

I'm lucky to have a massage table with a face-hole at one end that makes it possible to breath through it while lying on the bed face down. Today I boiled a big pot of water and put it on the floor right under the massage table, exactly beneath the area where the hole is located, and I lied on the table with my face inside the hole looking down straight into the pot.

Stand near a kettle

I usually stand near the kettle when making my morning coffee to get the benefit of the steam [ibid]

Vicks brand steamer

I know someone who uses a Vicks brand steamer. You can get them as a facial-type steamer or the type that is used for the lungs if you have a cold, sinus troubles, or allergies, for example. [ibid]

Air-O-Swiss® Ultrasonic Humidifier 

This post has some qualifiers, though

other humidifiers:


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