How to relax the eyes (including eyeball muscles)

This blog post contains my notes from the internet. The final list of exercises that I do use, has been mentioned in the main blog post, above.


This turns out to be an important field of knowledge for those who work extensively on computers and read a lot of books (e.g. a person like me). This blog post will compile all relevant information I find on the internet on this topic, with the aim of summarising key insights in due course (after testing them).

I bought exercises for $10 from here:

and these are quite good. 

This hypnosis idea is a good one, for it does relax the upper eyelid muscle, and hence, through that process, the rest of the eye muscles.

This is an important article:



Probably the best I've come across so far:

(need to read and understand it more carefully)


Tromboning – You need to hold a small object, starting at arm's length. Then you have to breathe in and move the object slowly closer to your face, until it touches your nose. You are then required to breathe out, looking at the object as you again move it away from your face. [Source] (I find that taking the finger "sausage" from arms length to nose/ and back is very relaxing for eye muscles).


Don’t focus or stare; just gaze softly into the visual field. Whenever sight collapses down to a particular object, relax and gently let your peripheral vision widen again to include the whole visual field. [Source]

Sketch objects

Do not stare at an object, sketch it as if your nose was an invisible pencil. [Source]

Shuttling the O [SOURCE]

The technique is called "Shuttling the O", and has been found to relieve pain, increase blood flow circulation to the eye, and clearing the eye of debris. here is how the technique is done:

Close your eyes, and visualize a big black round O.

On the left side of the curve, put a black dot; on the right curve put another black dot.

Point your nose from one dot to another, from side to side, until the "O" seems to shuttle out of the way as you go from one dot to another.


. Keep the flame on a reasonable height in the front of the eyes. It should be at a distance of about three feet. In the first, stage gaze at the flame without winking for sometimes. Then close the eyes gently. Open the eyes again and try to gaze at the fame for a longer period now. Finally close the eyes and stay at rest with closed eyes. Continue this practice for one week daily for five to seven minutes. In second stage gaze at the flame as long as the eyes are not filled with water. Then close the eyes gently. Open the eyes and gaze at the flame as before. Continue this practice for the second week for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Don't push it too far. If you need to blink your eyes a little, do so. I did it lots of time and I still have 20/20 vision. Once your body starts to present 'pleasantness' in some form, then either switch to noting or your vipassana practice, OR if jhana territory is the aim, then shift your attention to the pleasantness within the body and make it fullbodied by expanding that awareness panoramically filling up the whole mind/body with such pleasantness. Don't worry about the afterimage. I hardly ever focused on it and it always disappeared after a few minutes. I shifted all focus to 'pleasantness' manifesting in the body due to concentrating the mind. Experiment! [Source]

Generally similar eye exercise hints THIS IS GOOD.

This is well done:


Close your eyes and concentrate completely on the muscles around your eyes. Tell yourself that you are in full charge of your eye muscles.

Imagine that your eye muscles are so relaxed and heavy, you can't open them. As you practice increasing your focus and you enter a state of self hypnosis, you'll actually find it difficult to open your eyes.

Practice relaxing your eye muscles for a few minutes, and then allow your eyes to slowly open. Continue to breathe deeply as you continue to relax the other muscle groups of your body. [Source]

Much less useful

Eyerelax gadget (this is too expensive, and not sure it works)


This (above) video is not bad. In particular it asserts (correctly) that eye muscles are controlled BY THE NECK. That is a key point.

General relaxation

Let your mind think about pleasant things such as people, places, or things that bring you joy. Thinking pleasant thoughts helps relax the eyes which make them softer. The softer the eyes are the more easily they fit into their sockets. When the eyes are relaxed, they don’t stare or strain. [Source]

The above are not exercises but acupressure things and I DON'T THINK THEY WORK. THEY HAVE NO DIRECT EFFECT ON EYE MUSCLES.

General relaxation (not related much to the eyes)

Not particularly useful: