The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Background notes

I've published this material as a separate blog post to keep a record of my thoughts as I try to master this problem

21 October 2011: First published a post after 3 weeks of torturous pain, after "discovering" something that worked. However, that was premature. Things did not work out. Went to one doctor after another, and contacted two eye specialists.

21 May 2011: After eight months of torture (nothing that the doctors said worked), I announced on this blog that I've discovered a candidate cure through personal experimentation. 

The cure for eye strain/ dry eyes (for most cases of dry eye)

See detailed case history and things that did not work, here.

10 June 2011: I updated this blog post with a systematic cure, based on my experience of over 20 days of the cure.

Chronological notes:

Why is aloe vera depicted? I've depicted aloe vera since I have used both honey and aloe vera these to begin my cure, and continue to use it a little bit (on my sixth day), although I think aloe vera is not the key ingredient. The frequency of application for aloe vera is now down to twice a day. Honey about four times a day. And I'm not using eye drops (except for one does of Thera Tears. Just one week ago I was using 3 types of anti-allergy drops, at least 2 types of artificial tears, and yet, got virtually no relief (on a scale of 1 to 10, I would most days reach 7 to 8 in terms of pain and burning, compared with nearly 9 when this problem started in October; that was not relief in the genuine sense of the word). Today I'm at 1 (or max 2 in the worst condition). This is the SIXTH DAY (25 May). I look forward to a more complete cure in the next few weeks.

Why does honey work?I

24 May. Research I've conducted over the past few days, and testing with the experience of the use of honey, has led me to this hypothesis:

a) Through reduced blinking, a lot of organic debris is collected inside the pores of the tear ducts. That debris leads to blockage which can't be removed by ANY standard eye drops. I noticed a huge rush of tears in the initial days upon applying honey. That rush of tears has subsided. It appear to me that the initial effect on clearing the blockages was huge, and now that there is relatively less blockage, the tearing (and stinging) effect upon applying honey is relatively smaller. In brief, honey contains compounds that CLEANSE debris inside the pores.

b) There is also the possibility that there might be some unnecessary bacteria that have collected in the pores which are killed by honey. It has well-known anti-bacterial properties.

c) Finally, it is possible that some of the cells of the eyes were inflamed as a result of the dryness. These cells are no longer inflamed because honey has anti-inflammatory properties.

All in all, a very POTENT cure! My tear ducts seem to be working mostly on their own now. I'm making it a point to blink more while working on the computer. That's it for now.

Note as at 21 May 2011 lunch time 

On my third day (fourth application), I'm not almost feeling normal. I will continue this treatment till I feel I can reduce it.

I have discarded using anti-inflammatory drops, and even artificial tears (except Thera Tears which I've used three times in the last 2  days). I will update this over the next few days. Basically, this is the cure. It is now a matter of continuing this treatment till one is perfectly normal.

Why do I know this is the cure? Not only am I feeling normal but I worked in the garden for nearly 2 hours. It was cold and WINDY. I never felt better. That's proof this WORKS.

Note on 22 May 2011 at lunch time

I had applied very little honey yesterday so some burning came back in the right eye (perhaps the one where I had applied less). I applied it upon return home last night and all was well again. Today morning, I've applied once, and for good measure, have applied the 'gel' from an aloe vera leaf. Feeling good (very slight burning – compared to horrendous burning experienced till recently).

This is an Aurvedic cure, apparently

I wasn't aware but I now can see that this is perhaps an ayurvedic cure (see my blog post here).

Of the three, honey has the most conventional research supporting its use. In a study published in the October 2006 issue of Cornea, researchers found that honey can help relieve the symptoms of dry eye due to a number of conditions. [Source]

Now something about Triphala and Triphala ghee


See my blog post on Ayurvedic treatment.

The benefits of crying:

Antibiotic treatments [Source]

  • Chloromycetin does not need a prescription from your GP
  • fucithalmic does need a prescription
  • Polyfax is another alternative
  • Try creams for 1 month, and if it works continue for 3 months
  • rub the cream into the eyelid margin
  • these are safe. Only a few people develop allergies
  • Sometimes the condition returns once the ointment is stopped, and you may need a repeat the treatment
  • Some people benefit using the cream intermittently.

Something to investigate:  Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Ophthalmic Inserts (see this, this,

A multi-center study was performed using 520 patients with moderate to severe dry eye symptoms. Each patient was given an ocular insert comprised of hydroxypropyl cellulose and instructed to use them in both eyes once daily for one month. Researchers observed statistically significant improvement in patients symptoms which included burning, dry and gritty sensation. These findings may help to improve the comfort for millions of persons suffering from this condition. [Source]


Honey might help – academic study:

Try these eyedrops

Rohto Dry Eye Hydra, Lubricant Eye Drops

Bio Tears Oral Gel Caps – a doctor claims this works in 80% of his patients [but apparently "All this product is 1000 IU of fish oil, 100 mg of Vitamin C, a tiny bit of vitamin D and E and B6 with some cod liver oil, aloe vera oil, turmeric and lachoferrin (milk product again) thrown in to look good"]

Freshkote – someone wrote this helps them.

Aloe vera capsules. Someone on FB has recommended Aloride.

How much lycium fruit should I take?

Many practitioners recommend a dosage of lycium fruit of between five and 10 grams, taken with water as a decoction for oral administration. Larger amounts can be used as flavorings or side-dishes with meals.

What forms of lycium fruit are available?

Whole, dried lycium fruit can be found at many Asian markets and specialty stores. Some herbal shops also sell lycium powders, extracts, tinctures and decoctions.

A broadly OK article on Meibomian gland dysfunction

Flax seed as a cure

2-11-2009 UPDATE: I'm doing fine! I have had very few dry eye symptoms for years. I found that two tablespoons of Barleans Flax seed oil (refrigerated kind) fixes the problem for me. It takes about 3 days before the anti-inflamatory action of the flax seed oil kicks in. There are many different causes of dry eyes, but this is what worked for me. Because flax tastes bad, I put it in a shake each morning: 3 grams of good powdered vitamin C, frozen blueberries, protein powder, two bananas, some green tea extract, and a few other goodies (all organic so you don't get pesticide residue problems). Also, I reduced my computer eye strain by getting some computer glasses that are a weaker perscription than my normal walking around and driving glasses. Dry eye problems may actually be caused by an eyelash parasite called Demodex.One person who wrote to me cured his dry eyes entirely using a tea tree oil eyelid scrub for several weeks.  Read this including the cautions and consult your doctor. I've been using a tea tree oil face scrub for a few weeks now. I do still have mild dry eyes with very dry air blowing all night from a heater or from prolonged cigarette exposure. If the simple things above don't work for you, read the rest of this article and see this info about lacritin too.
Best of luck! – Xeno  [Source]
  • Eyes: Tear glands in your eyes contain large amounts of iodine. Lack of iodine can cause dry eyes.
  • Mouth: Salivary glands in your mouth contain large amounts of iodine. Lack of iodine can cause dry mouth. [Source]

 within a week of taking a couple of drops of Lugol's formula, indeed my dry eyes cleared up and, lo and behold, my skin felt softer. Whoo hoo!  [Source]

Famous people with dry eye problem

Sjogren's Syndrome Causes Venus Williams' Withdrawal From US Open: What Is It?



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  1. Derek Sim

    I have a question here, I don't know what I am having now is a dry eye symptom. For about 2 years already, I always feel very tired especially in the afternoon (like the symptoms of flu,feeling very down), having red eye. A nap in the afternoon will relief my tiredness, I always yawn during the day, I sleep 8 hours per day, night time my red eye appear. All this have been affecting my daily life as I cannot concentrate. Please tell me whether this is dry eye symptom so that I focus on the right treatment.


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