The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Dry eye, eye allergy, eye strain symptoms

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2 thoughts on “Dry eye, eye allergy, eye strain symptoms
  1. Sam Kashyap

    Plz hlp if you my english is not very well but ill try my best. Since i had surgery of my left ear i feel i force my left eye more to open even to look straight. Still i feel im looking from my left eye i dont feel free. I feel huge strain near left ear and back side of head. I feel very strong feeling as something is stopping me look and feel strain in eyes and behind my left ear. I feel muscle tightness of temple and jaw too.I went to dentist if im sufferings from TMJ . Bt i dont think. I find hard to convince doctor … i really dont know what happened to me. I didnt tell my family. Plz suggest what should i do sir.. where should i go for treatment near my location. Plz sir help if u can from ur precious time.

    1. sabhlok

      Dear Sam

      This requires specific knowledge of the anatomy around the eye. In my case the problem was facial muscles. I don’t think I had any problem with inner muscles of the eye. You need to distinguish the issue: whether it is the eyeball movement or eyelid movement you are referring to. If it is eyelid movement, it could have a relationship with your ear surgery – but you should check good books on anatomy of the eye and face, in order to understand this issue.



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