The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Background: Natural remedies

* A naturopathic physician says: If your mouth and other mucous membranes are chronically dry along with your eyes, get tested for Sjogren's syndrome, a rare but serious autoimmune condition. More common dry eye culprits include seasonal allergies, vitamin A deficiency and eye strain (from excessive computer use).

Treatment: Your doctor may recommend vitamin A and/or omega-3 fatty acid supplements. (Be careful not to take more than the suggested dose of vitamin A, as it can be toxic.) Fish oil supplements should contain 1,500 milligrams of EPA and 500 milligrams of DHA. If your eyes are red, try homeopathic aconite pellets; if they're burning and swollen, try belladonna; if they're red, hot and painful from straining, Ruta graveloens can help.
A home remedy for dry eyes
Apply a paste of lemon juice and tomato puree, orange lentil flour (masoor dal ) and turmeric powder (if you are not allergic to it) on under eye dark circles. [Source]
Make a paste using tomato puree, lemon juice, turmeric powder and orange lentil flour. Apply this paste under the eyes before bedtime. This is an effective remedy for dry eyes. [Source]
Lemon juice bath
"Dr. William Apt, a leading eye specialist in the mid-1900s, recommended the Lemon Juice Eye Bath. He stumbled upon this secret from a 105 year old man. He instructed Dr. Apt to "put three or four drops of lemon juice in an eye cup with purified water and wash the eyes with it daily for about 20-30 seconds with each eye." Dr. Apt says it is invigorating and strengthening. It removes toxic fatigue of the eye. This ancient oldster washes his eyes daily, eats natural foods, wears no glasses, and has perfect eyesight! The Lemon Juice Eye Bath is also recommended to cure cataracts, with osteopathic treatment, plus a strict seven-day elimination (vegetable and fruit) diet, once a month. The continuous practice of these eye improvement secrets will eventually help you to see clearly what you cannot see now." [Source]
I felt like it helped reduce eye fatigue when I was working late in the evening. I was actually quite refreshing. Make sure you put very little lemon juice in there. It's ok if it stings a little, but if it gets to the point where it's painful, dilute the solution! [Source]
Natural home remedies for the treatment of blepharitis
Early treatment is essential to prevent recurrence or complications. Blepharitis can be difficult to manage because it tends to recur. Treatment depends on the type of blepharitis you have. It may include applying warm compresses to the eyelids, cleansing them, using an antibiotic and/or massaging the lids.
  • Daily shampooing of eyelashes (using a mild shampoo on a damp applicator stick or a washcloth) to remove scales from the lid margins; also, frequent shampooing of the scalp and eyebrows. This help to cure seborrheic blepharitis.
  • Warm compresses heat the debris and crust on the lid margin to or above the melting point of their individual components so that they are easily removed with the lid scrubs. Technique: Soaking a washcloth in water as warm as the eyelids can stand, and then placing the cloth on the lid surface (eyelids closed) for a five to ten minute period. In the acute phase this is performed 2 to 4 times day. One method described is the use of a fresh-boiled egg (in its shell wrapped in a washcloth).
  • Plain water plus (a very small amount of) vinegar compress :- Before using a vinegar compress, first put a drop of artificial tears in each eye, such as refresh Lubricant Eye Drops. Add 1 teaspoon of distilled white vinegar to 2 or 3 cups of clean water, and then use a clean washcloth (or 2 or 3 lint-free tissues instead of a washcloth) for the compress.
  • Boil an eye-dropper bottle for 10 minutes in fresh distilled water (not the water you used to make the solution). Use a stainless steel pan reserved only for this use. Pour the aloe vera / boric acid solution into the eye-dropper bottle. Use as an eye drop three times a day.
It is possible I have Blepharitis (I'm almost certain now).
A naturapath recommends two drops of ORGANIC ROSE WATER inside the eyes every night  [Source]
Something called "oil pulling" might help.
I did oil pulling on a whim and and at the time I was battling dry eye syndrome. After oil pulling with sunflower oil just once for 20 minutes, I had this wild experience where colors seemed to get brighter and more intense. I haven't had that since, but a few weeks later, I noticed I wasn't having any problem with dry eyes. [Source]
Apple cider:  "I use just"Plain"Chamomile/no honey or other additives for my dry eyes, and I drink Apple Cider Vinegar daily, it's great." [Source]

Steaming towel: You should try steaming towel prepared with menthol or eucalyptus oil. This can be very refreshing and will relax your eyes and facial muscles. [Source]
(4)Make a paste of lemon juice mixed with tomato puree, orange lentil flour and turmeric powder and apply this paste under your eyes. This is a good home remedy for fighting against dry eyes.
(5)Apply almond oil and castor oil under your eyes because both these oil will make moisture under your eyes and better than the moisturizer creams available in the market. [Source]
Allergan pharmaceuticals has formulated a castor oil approach called Endura. Although I cannot recommend non-eye approved liquids or pharmaceuticals, you can test out the approach with Endura, an approved drop for the eye. I would recommend 1 drop each eye 4 times a day (more than the package) for 2 weeks, then add Omega 3 or 5 capsules, 2 times a day for an additional 2 weeks  [Source]

Avoid white bread and refined cereals and processed foods.

Tamarind seed extract could be helpful.  [Source]


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