There's no getting away from this dry eye pain, it is chronic. The levels of pain and irritation are outlined below. I'm rating the symptoms based on my experience. In the initial stage, I was quickly at levels 8 to 10. Stayed that way for a few weeks till initial attempts helped bring the level to 7 on most days. Now, after discoverying my treatment, I'm mostly at 4 to 5, but initially – with the discovery of the honey/aloe vera cure – I was at 1 to 2 – which was sheer bliss. That did not sustain for long, though.

10: Burning pain in the entire head. The pain in the eyes is super-severe. Difficulty in breathing because of the pain. (One day I almost felt nauseated and could not stand). Suicidal thoughts arise.  Mind is entirely focused on the pain

9: Extensive soreness and heaviness in the frontal lobe area (area around and above eyes). Almost as if the brain is hurting. Hurts to look at the computer screen (or even a book) for more than a few minutes without severe aggravation. Eyes badly burn. Apparently swollen and puffy, but visibly no symptom. In my case it reached this level within barely two weeks. 

8: When eyes are widened and then relaxed, terrible fatigue and soreness sets in. Bad burning of the eyelids, sensation of stickiness in the eyeballs, irritation. Strong headache.

7: Eyes are now beginning to become very noticeable and distracting. The mind is focused on eye sensations. Hollow burning sensations emerge (like a cold film that is glazing over the eyes, and sore) – not just eyelids. The whole eye starts burning. Headache grows stronger, but not yet very strong.

6: Eyelids start burning – but manageable. Stickiness and difficulty in moving the eyes freely. A mild headache emerging.  

5: Eyelids (tips, near the eyelashes) are beginning to burn. A bit difficult to read the computer. Dryness and stickiness. A slight astringent feeling. Very mild headache.

4: Eyes don't move freely, and stronger sensation of stickiness/swelling inside the eye. But no headache. Some difficulty in sitting through meetings. The mind is sporadically conscious of the eye.

3: A slight burning sensation – very mild. The mind is somewhat (but in a limited way) conscious of the eye.

2: Mild sensation of soreness and slight sensation of stickiness/swelling

1: Mild sensation that all's not well. Eye motion generally fluid, but a slight sensation that something is wrong.

0: No sensation that eyes (or head) even exists. Entirely painless. Entire focus of the mind on other things.



Some words/phrases that come to mind when describing this indescribable pain:

– tight

– something sticky

– sore

– cold pain (as if exposed to air)

– eyes feel old (as if belonging to some really old person)

– hard to keep open: feel like closing the eyes

– feel as eyes are swollen (but they are not)

– the most ghastly obnoxious nauseaus sensation (like something rubbing on raw skin – but in a very gritty, irritating kind of way)