The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Do computers cause dry eyes? If so how?

It is not blink rate but the act of looking at the computer that might cause dry eyes

The theory that dry eye associated with computer work is not caused by excessive staring and a lower blink rate and that the height of the computer screen may be a more important concern. [Source]

The cure for eye strain/ dry eyes (for most cases of dry eye)

Can computer use cause dry eyes?

It is unlikely (in my view) that ONLY computer use can cause a PHYSICAL CHANGE to tear production. Yes, it can aggravate the dry eye problem once it starts (because of reduced blinking), but it is almost certainly not the underlying cause.

But there's an article below that suggests that computers might CAUSE this problem:

How can computers AGGRAVATE the dry eye problem?

"Just staring at the bright light of a computer screen can cause tear film dehydration" (Source)

This is logical because looking at the bright screen means that more higher energy photons are hitting the eye, which means greater rate of evaporation. 

Look at GREEN COLOUR. It is the most soothing colour.

The best tip I've found: "in programs where I can pick the background and font color like Dos or Notepad I pick a dark green background with light green text. My favorites: dark blue with light aqua text. I also love dark maroon, purple or blue with pale yellow text." [Source]

Blinking less COULD also aggravate.

This is also evident from the following facts:

a) When I took  (prescription) anti-inflammatory steroid eye drops for a week, I became perfectly "normal". It didn't matter how much computer use I undertook.

b) Similarly when my remedies work (the package has not yet perfected) the amount of computer use is NOT related to the symptoms I experience.   

However, there is some research that computer use might even cause this problem:

If your monitor is level with your gaze or raised above it, the higher angle of your head reduces the volume of tears produced by your tear ducts, which results in eye irritation. Lowering the monitor's position (and the angle of your head) increases tear production and soothes tired eyes. [Source]


My eye doc told me that she's seen a steady increase in the number of patients complaining about constant, dry, irritated eyes that are otherwise healthy. She said her research indicates it's the result of more people spending umpteen hours staring into computer screens. She suggested a steady diet of gel drops for my eyes. YMMV. [Source]


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