The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Australia specific info from Dry Eye Zone


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I've managed to track down some treatment solutions for us all….

1. Mail order!!! – I've ordered FreshKote and Lacriserts via the post. FreshKote is one of the best drops I've tried, but unavailable in Australia. I've been in contact with the marketing guy for it and he is trying to make it available in Australlia. 

2. We can get access to various plugs such as Oasis and Eagle brands.

3. We can arrange to go on a TGA special scheme via a specialist to obtain "Restasis". 

4. Scleral lenses are available here but only very few optometrists provide them. 

5. Moisture chamber glasses are available in Australia. 


There is a stockist of Wiley X protective sunglasses in Sydney, at Carlingford. Here's the link:


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