About (+ disclaimer)

This website aims to help those like me who suffer from this chronic problem. The diagnosis and treatment suggested on this website is based on my (Sanjeev Sabhlok's) personal experience of extremely severe eyestrain as a result of excessive work on the computer. 

I am not an "eye-specialist" (although on this matter I think I might by now know more than most "eye-specialists" who merely wasted my time and money, and above all – by not providing the right advice aggravated my pain).

This blog documents my attempts to obtain a solution to the horrible problem of burning eye pain that I experienced from October 2010 and the solution to which I found out by myself in around May 2012 – thereafter it has taken me more than two years to ease the issue to a manageable level. 

My intention of keeping this information – often very haphazard – on the internet is to allow my experiments/research to remain as guideposts for those who might need acute help on this matter, when all "eye specialists" in the world have failed you.

But please use this information AT YOUR OWN RISK. Everything I say here is authentic, but you should exercise your own judgement.