The remedy and solution for terrible eye pain and eye strain (from excessive computer use)

Results of remedies I’ve tried so far

It is now over 10 months since eye strain developed. I've tried numerous things and somethings seem to work, some don't.

Unfortunately it has been very hard to finalise a simple package of things that works.

This is a report on my ongoing attempts to finalise the minimal remedy that works. As you can see, when I do a host of things, the whole package seems to work quite well, but I'm yet unable to discriminate between the MINIMAL set of remedies that would work.

Click for larger image:

Basically, honey, aloe vera and lid-care seem to provide significant relief, but NOT the kind of relief I have experienced when I use a lot of other things together. Now the problem is that I want to limit the other things to the minimum set of things, to avoid spending too much time and money in some of the other remedies which are likely to be irrelevant to the cure.

See the underlying spreadsheet here.

The details of these remedies are provided in the earlier blog posts. 


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