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During a 4month period of computer overuse(8 hours a day or even more) i have developed this condition that just won't go away..and is having devastating effects on my life in general 

When i first started noticing eyestrain,it was only on the inside of my right eye and a few capillairs were present there too 

Later as the weeks got into months..the eye strain has gotten eyes were burning terribly and there were these capillairs all eyes also seemed to have sunken when i would be feeling with my hands across my closed eyelids,compared to how they were before and how they are now,my right eye was more than my left ..later i also noticed a more convexed curvature when i would be feeling(which is still present) 

1.5 month after drastically reducing my computer habits to just few hours a week i've paid a visit to an ophtamologist about this issue which didn't seem to go over(though it had gotten better,the capillairs were clearly reduced too) .He stated that my eyes were totally ''dryed out'' and prescribed me Ocugel 

Though it had gotten a bit better,i was still very frequently experiecing eyestrain especially during cold and windy weather or when doing close work..even if it would be just reading a magazine for 10 mins,my eyes started burning. But by then my eyes were back to normal size when feeling with my hands..though my left was still kind of larger than the right one 

So after another month i went to see another ophthamologist. He again diagnosed me with dry eye though still in the limits of the normal. He also said that my cornea wasen't damaged or anything and prescribed me Hyal Drop advanced and said that the condition should be over in 3 to 4 weeks.. 

So now(2.5 months later) After using Hyal Drop advanced for about 2 months i do not see any change,to the contrary,the eyestrain has gotten even worse..though this is probably cause i've started using the computer more frequently(4 hours a day appox.) 

Can someone please help me? 


LCD eye strain is NOT a myth. Most people however will never approach the amount of computer time that I have to log per month. 10 hours/day in front of the computer is nothing for me. I have had eye strain issues for over a decade. And I always know its because of the amount of time I spend in front of my computer. 15 years ago when I first encounter this issue I used only CRTs and those eyestrain pain was pretty bad (sharp pain on the left side of my head every 10 seconds). It got a little better when professional grade CRTs with high refresh rates came around. It got much better with LCDs but it doesn't go away. About 4 years ago, I compounded the issue by watching movies on the plane on my 5 inch tablet. Watching back to back movies was a killer so I stopped doing that. 

The point is, the issue is very real and you cannot just dismiss it because you love your apple devices. Thats just stupid. But realistically most people won't have to worry about it. However, since people in general haven't done a whole lot of e-reading the problem may escalate. Its too soon to tell because not a massive amount of people are out there reading strictly from ipad/kindle/online etc. But considering how small the screen is on phones and the extra strain on tablets and readers, I would expect this to be a health issue in the next couple of years.



Hello, I have an unusual problem,but I hope that someone can help me..       

Summer 2005 I have been sitting too long in front of the computer and I got extremely tired eyes, which didnt give me a chance to even look for 1 second at a screen (whatever television or computer) after 1 week of rest. I went to a doctor and he said its just "eye fatigue" ( The doctor was like 70 years old or something so I presumed he was experienced and could definetly help me) but the eye drops didnt do anything during one week ( I didnt look at a screen during the time)Well after 2 weeks I went on vacation (I am 19) and after that the eye fatigue seemed to go away and started working with computers again. After one month this reoccurred and in a severe way: I couldnt only look at a screen now but I could even look at average light ( was sitting in a dark room for one month). I went to a doctor again, and he said again,"well ehh its just eye fatigue". 

  Then I went to an other country and went to a doctor there and he said it was the eye computer syndrome (or how its called)and gave me drops and after one week I felt better (50% better) but still couldnt stand any screens ( which worked out bad because I have to make a lot of assignments for school) 

  After the treatment it got back again. 

  And now its 14 months after that and still no improvement, the red veins are still there and video screens make my eyes red (very fast) and I feel discomfort in my eyes all the time (I have used eye artificial tears all the time. I tried them all almost I have got the feeling…pls help

I forgot to add:  All current symptoms: 

  – red veins which do not go away for over a year in both eyes, in the right more than the left. 

  – red, (extremely)tired eyes when looking at a video screen or reading for more than 30 minutes. 

  – headache in both the sides of my head when having eye fatigue. 

  – eyes feel heavy, discomfort 

  – when doing physical exercise like lifting weights ( stopped with that now ) , eyes feel very heavy like someone is pulling on my eyes from the back 

   -in the morning and in the evening very tired eyes. 

   – when going to a cinema, getting severe eye fatigue (does not make sense to me , as its not a tv screen or so…) 

   – can not look even 2 secs at a crt screen ( big screens for computers) now. 

  Help very very appreciated…